Hitch Tent™ Rack System

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Hitch Tent™ is a hitch-mounted platform designed to boost the convenience, versatility, and comfort of a rooftop tent system. Remaining vertical during transport, Hitch Tent™ is quickly and easily deployed on almost any terrain thanks to the four fully adjustable legs and feet.

The rear-mounted design frees up valuable roof space, dramatically reduces wind resistance and most importantly; provides a detachable basecamp for unrestricted adventure.

Also included is the Silent Hitch Pin® which removes shock loads by taking the movement out of the connection between the vehicle towing system and the device being towed. The result is quiet and stable, motionless towing.


Made proudly in the USA and designed for the most brutal overlanding conditions, Hitch Tent™ is fabricated from ultra-tough, hot rolled A36 steel and CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum. Hitch Tent™ will accommodate most two and three-person canvas-style rooftop tents, and mounts seamlessly to a 2” hitch.

Anodizing Color Options:

The anodizing color selections are applied only to the machined components. This includes the central brackets, the hinged brackets connected to the legs and the feet. The legs and horizontal rails cannot be anodized at this time.

Note: Hitch Tent™ is the platform system only and does not include a rooftop tent.

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HitchTent Rack System

What are the dimensions of the Hitch Tent™?

The Hitch Tent™ platform measures 48”x48”x8”.

Does Hitch Tent™ only mount to a 2” hitch?

Yes, Hitch Tent™ only mounts to a 2” hitch which must be at least a class 2 hitch.

What is the weight capacity of the platform?

The weight capacity of the platform is 600lbs (270 kg).

Will Hitch Tent™ accommodate my tent?

Hitch Tent™ will accommodate most 2 or 3-person rooftop tents. If you are unsure whether your tent is compatible, please contact us as [email protected]

When will the Hitch Tent be available?

The Hitch Tent is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping in early September 2019.

Do you offer local pickup on orders?

Yes, orders can be picked up for free from our workshop in Sacramento.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship within the United States.

How do I install my rooftop tent to Hitch Tent™?

The same way it mounts to standard roof rails. The rails on Hitch Tent™ emulate those of roof rails. Simply install it on Hitch Tent™ instead of the roof rack.

Does REP provide a warranty?

REP offers a 1 year warranty for any defects of our products. In the case of a warranty issue, replacement parts/unit will be provided. For non-REP products, refer to the manufacturer warranty information.

What are the general maintenance guidelines?

The pivot mechanism should get a touch of grease on occasion to keep the movement smooth. As with anything with steel components subject to abuse and the elements, rust can develop over time. While all steel components are coated to prevent rust, it may be necessary to touch up spots with a rust preventative paint. These are readily available at any local automotive store. The Hitch Tent responds well to being used often, be sure to not let it sit unattended for too long!

Do you sell spare parts?

In the case of any parts needing replacement for REP products, all parts can be ordered individually. Contact us directly to make sure we get you everything you need. Please note: we do not stock parts for other brands, but we will happily help you find what you need.

Do you offer returns?

Unused products can be returned within 90 days. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

Do you charge sales tax?

Only California residents are required to pay sales tax at this time.

What is the largest tent it can fit?

The initial model Hitch Tent™ will support up to a 62" tent. Instead of opening to the side, tents of this size will likely require a rear opening orientation which allows for a lower, more stable position during transport.

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